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Who are we?

A study community built for high schoolers

Studyflee is a community that comprises many high-quality resources of study resources and college essay editing services. Studyflee is a guide for students who wants to strengthen their college essays or develop their interests, Our WeChat blogging platform is also a place where information regarding AP and colleges is provided to you in a fast, efficient way.

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Why choose us?

We understand your struggles and we can fix them professionally.

Members at Studyflee are students. We understand how students approach new concepts. We also understand the struggles of college applications. Therefore, our study resources are written in an easy-to-understand style. And our peer college counseling services will help you refine your resumes based on your personal style and interests.

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Why are we unqiue?

We offer professional help AND a community.

Behind all hardwork, we want to provide a chance for you to relax and talk about your stress. This is why we keep a very active blog on WeChat in which we talk about students' growth and struggle. If you have something worth to share, definitely email us.

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Will Studyflee keep my data confidential?

Your data is confidential.

We will not sell your information to any third party. Also, we will not share your information with any other students. You can review our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy below. 

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